Vienna | 2 October 2024 - 4 October 2024


Dear colleagues and friends,

As local hosts, we're pleased to welcome you to Vienna for the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 2024. Vienna's reputation as a city of culture is well-known, but this year, we're also proud to spotlight the quality and depth of our scientific programme.

Our meeting offers a careful blend of the latest research, practical insights, and ample opportunities for networking. The fusion of Vienna's ambient charm and the academic richness of our programme aims to provide a fulfilling experience for all attendees.

Take a moment to engage with peers, share your insights, and perhaps explore a bit of the city in between sessions. We hope you find both inspiration and valuable takeaways during your time here.

Welcome to Vienna and to EUROSPINE 2024.

Best wishes,

Petra Krepler, Josef Grohs and Peter Ferlic

Local hosts